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Meet Our New Yes To Stylista!

Hundreds of people applied and even more voted! But there could only be one Yes To Stylista! Congratulations to…


Annelise is just an Idaho girl with a swanky sense of style, amazing hair (which we’re all swooning over), and now she is our Yes To Stylista! Keep reading and get to know her…she’s pretty awesome, just saying.

1.) What’s your favorite Yes To Hair product?

I love the Yes To Blueberries Healthy Hair Repair Shampoo and Conditioner combo. The smell is surprising, unique, and fresh. It makes my hair feel strong and full! Oh, and though it’s not a hair product, I’m in love with the Yes to Carrots Lip Butter. It’s all that I have used on my lips for years!


2.) What’s your on-the-go look?

A braided hairstyle, whether it’s a small braid to hold back my bangs or a Dutch braided updo, they’re the easiest way to add pop to a look. I pair this fun hairstyle with a scarf, a simple tee and skinny jeans for a look that’s entirely me.


3.) Who is your celebrity icon?

Lauren Conrad! Whenever I need hair inspiration, she’s the first person I turn to. From updo’s to red-carpet glam, she has all the right looks.   


4) What’s one hair care tip everyone can learn from?

If your hair is damaged and needs a break, give it a break! I went a full year without teasing, hairspray, dyeing or frying my hair. All I used was shampoo, conditioner, and dabble of leave-in conditioner—then I let my hair air dry everyday. My hair grew longer and stronger, and I feel in love with my new carefree ‘do. The Yes to Blueberries Healthy Hair Repair combined with a break from heat tools can work miracles! **(I have a link to my hair finale if you’d like it, it’s here


5) What do you say “YES” to? 

Sushi date nights, naturally ombré hair, and taking chances.

Check back soon for more tips and tricks from Annelise! In the meantime, here is more from her: 

Blog: Aunie Sauce

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Twitter: @auniesauce 

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